Little Red *StriKING* Hood
Performance evening, part of Spontan Festival der TanzFaktur Köln.

littel red StriKING hood
is a collection of contemporary re-imaginings of the classic fairy tale „little red riding hood“.
Hairy stories & bushy tales, and a wolfs‘ drag moment gets finally acknowledged.
Audience, get inwolfed!
A group of artists based in Cologne, who are counter-intuitively bound together by their shared interest in questions of sex, gender, body, (re-)presentation and performance. They are nomadic and regularly create juicy, vibrating, multi-faceted evenings in various locations.
Konrad Bohley, Reut Shemesh, Florian Egermann, Janina Warnk, Jule Lippold, Karen Eliot, Julia Scher, Felipe González, Julia Stefanovici, Vanja Smiljanic, Sina Seifee, Evamaria Schaller


Fotos Almut Elhardt