Tac30: Performance Boat
Transart Communication curated by Rokko Juhász

The river is an in-between place, which both belongs to the river itself - a liminal space of movement and change -, yet deeply affected by the political and social tendencies and history, found on either side of the river. The TAC30 boat will invite international artists, along students and teachers from seven significant Visual Art Universities from Central European, working with performance art, to tackle the context of the river, by encouraging intercultural relations and dialogues. It thus becomes a platform for artistic exchanges across disciplines, education, practices, countries, generations and views. Simultaneously, the natural movement of the river evoke a sense of borderlessness and change. The Boat Project thus becomes an action, which opens up for the discussion and debate about the effect and relation cultures has to one another, beyond the idea of borders.
Transart Communication has for the last 30 years stood for fluidity and cultural exploration across mediums, nationalities and views. It has hosted more than 500 artists from all corners of the world and has since its beginning encourage experimental and time-relevant performance and multimedia art, in Central Europe.
Transart Communication was founded by Rokko Juhász (director), Ilona Németh, Ottó Mészáros and Attila Simon (Studio erté, Nové Zámky) in 1988. After 2007 it continued under the association Kassak Centre.

Partners: Vajda Lajos Stúdió Kulturális Egyesület (Szentendre), Foundation for Intermedia Art Development (Krakow), Association Galerie Michal (Ostrava).


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