My work oscillates between performance art, film and installation.
I work with the media film as a documentary instrument. Film with its
bodily materiality is a central theme. In my videoperformances I use
the recordings to fragment the body into moving particles. I deal with
social environment and liminal spaces and use my body as a meassure.
In my Live-Performances I work with daily actions and its absurdity.
In this examinations I reflect and interevene with site specific conditions
and create actions or installations through simple, clear gestures.
I am interested in this interaction with site-specific conditions which
govern human behaviour and relationships. I transform and
decontextualise daily materials or found footage and combine it.
I always have to adjust my own borders - failure as a constant companion.

“I create images as a sculptor with the body as my material.
 I create patterns as a painter and time is my brush.
 I intervene as a musician and the space starts to sound.
 In this sophisticated moments of encounter I try to share my  
 univers and the way of how I discover it.”


Dr. Dormagen-Guffanti Stipendium 2016
Atelier Galata in Istanbul 2016

Art Contains | Performance
21.-23.07.2016 | Teufenbach-Katsch Murau | AT

Der Kaiser unterm Berg | Filmpremiere & Performance
16.07.2016 | 20:15 | Kunstverein Rosenheim | DE

mehr wagen und zum wägen bringen | PAErsche Performance
25.06.2016 | 10:00-22:00 | Künstlerforum Bonn | DE

Time Based Academy | Performance
24.06.2016 | 15:00-24:00 | Kunsthalle Düsseldorf & Salon des Amateurs | DE

striKING 3.0 Dragkingperformance evening
17.06.2016 | 20:00 | Rhenania Cologne | DE

Fyodor´s Performance Carousel | Performative Installation
14.05.-22.05.2016 | Wiener Festwochen | Vienna | AT

4th Beyond the Cloud International LiveArt Festival
29.04.-05.05.2016 | Kunming | China

UP-ON Live Art Space international Live Art Festival

22.-29.04.2016 | Chengdu | China

From Live to Document
24.04.-24.05.2015 | Exhibition Shui Jingtang | Chengdu | China

Ins Offene | Exhibition
22.04.-24.04.2015 | Kulturparcours | Cologne Mühlheim | DE

The 3rd Xi`an international Performance Art Festival
15.-22.04.2016 | Xi´an | China

Screening + Discussion "Die Wilderin vom Montafon"
15.03.2016 | 12:00 | Goethe Institut München | DE

Performance Art Event
05.03.2016 | 20:00 | Goethe Institute Rotterdam | NL

Screening "Die Wilderin vom Montafon"
01.03.2016 | 19:00 | Kino Tuškanac | Zagreb | CR

25.02.2016 | Performance in Kokett-Bar Cologne | Kurator Doris Frohnapfel & Ina Wudtke | DE